1.) Was the company located Florida in the past?
Yes, until 2014 when it was purchased and moved to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

2.) What type of engine do the aircraft take?
The aircraft were originally built around a Volkswagen engine however; they were underpowered so the alternative was found in the Continental O-200 as 100 hp engines were determined to be the minimum appropriate horsepower.

3.) Can I use a bigger engine?
Larger engines are used on some models however; builders should always consider the impact of weight on performance. That being said, close attention should be paid to the impact to the cowling shape if bulkier engines are used.

4.) How fast will it go?
On average 165 mph or around 143 kts.

5.) Are the airplanes able to perform acrobatics?
Acrobatics are not recommended. However, we are aware of pilots who perform limited sportsman level acrobatic maneuvers.

6.) I am 6’ 5” tall; will I fit into the cockpit?
These are small planes. Pilots will wear these more like a glove. This being said, there are plenty of taller pilots who have flown WAR aircraft.

7.) How much will the airplane cost me to build?
The average cost is around $20 thousand dollars, then add the cost of the engine however, there are builders who have built their aircraft for less and a few builders who have built very nice show planes costing $80 to $90 thousand dollars.

8.) Can I buy an aircraft already built?
Yes, there are several sites such as Barnstormers.com that list experimental aircraft for sale.

9.) Will you build my aircraft or can you recommend a builder?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer that service at this time. We recommend joining a local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapter for assistance and education.

10.) What are the aircraft constructed of?
A wood framework, foam for the shape and covered with fiberglass.

11.)  Will any changes be made to the building materials or building techniques?
Yes, all models offered in the past and new models in development are being re-evaluated for the possible use of all composite or aluminum construction. ***Updates will be posted***

12.) How long will it take me to build the aircraft?
That answer is never simple as there are numerous factors that determine the build time. That being said, it might take around 1500 hours to build depending on the builder.
13.) What steps are being taken to reduce the build time?
 WAR is exploring different building techniques and materials to reduce weight and the overall build time.

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